Monday, 1 December 2014

Weekend travels: beautiful Sheffield

This weekend me and my husband to be managed to get away from never ending house renovations and travelled to Sheffield to meet our friends. Before catching our train back, we had a few hours for ourselves so we wandered around the city.

It was our third visit to Sheffield, but the first one in the winter. I think I enjoyed the city more than I did during the summer! Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in Europe, but even without all the foliage it just felt very warm and cosy now in the winter.

Wintery Sheffield

One place that has become a must-visit for us is the Sheffield Millennium Gallery. It's a fantastic building and always has interesting exhibitions going on. We visited the Picturing Sheffield Exhibition and I think we found a contemporary painting we both absolutely fell in love with - it was The Longest Walk by Pete McKee. And I never even thought I liked contemporary art! Pete McKee's gallery, called A Month Of Sundays, is on the top of our places to visit list the next time we're in Sheffield.

Now we should probably go and explore art galleries in the city we actually live in!

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