Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A fresh start

Feeding ducks in Coworth Park a month ago

Today was a good day - I felt like a stone was lifted off my chest. I spent the whole last year agonising over the degree I was doing, every minute of it made a tiny piece of my soul die. It was that bad. And today it's all over! Today I'm starting my PhD and I feel extremely happy. Ready for anything that might come my way.

So to mark this glorious occasion, I decided to bite the bullet and start a blog. I was toying with the idea for years now, have actually started a few blogs and deleted them few weeks later. And I suppose  that happened because I was always trying to start a niche blog - first knitting, then science, then beauty, then science of beauty, and I could write a few posts but I could never keep it up. I know that bloggers are advised to keep their blogs focused and on the topic, but once I stopped fretting over what 'my topic' was, I suddenly felt that I could indeed blog.

A very clever person once advised me to keep a journal of everything that makes me feel happy, so that when I'm sad, I can always open it and be reminded about all the wonderful things that happen to me all the time. Sometimes I get so consumed by sadness that all I can see is darkness, and tend to forget the happy things. 

When I look back at the last year, I think such a journal would have helped me so much, so finally I feel ready to start documenting all the things that inspire me and make me excited every day. And it's not just beauty, fashion, science, or knitting - all of these and many other things mean so much to me that I can't just pick one. So I won't. I have no clue which direction this blog will go, but I'm willing to give it a try and see where it will take me.

So what will you find in this blog? I don't know. I'm leaving that as a huge question mark, even to myself. If anyone ever reads it, I hope you will enjoy this journey with me!

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