Thursday, 23 October 2014

Learning life skills, wedding planning, and the perils of exercising

Wedding planning - to tent or not to tent?

One thing I really enjoy is exercising. It is weird because one thing I really hate is exercising. I hate the  during but love the afterwards and the long-term effects of it: when I can't do any physical activity, it makes me feel very down and sluggish. However, I'm the biggest whinger when I exercise, I hate 'pushing myself'. Sometimes though I do get into the mood of 'let's try harder!'. Like I did on Monday. The outcome - I injured my back so much I struggle to walk. So the plan to grab my new life by the horns has been quite unsuccessful to say the least..

BUT despite the physical setback, I am moving closer to getting my driver's licence - I passed my theory part yesterday!! I couldn't be happier as I got maximum points for the multiple choice question part. When my fiancee took his theory test, he also got maximum points, and we do tend to compete a lot, so I am really glad we're even here. I already booked my practical test as well, so if all goes well, I will be able to drive by the time I turn 26. Which is very late I must admit, but better later than never!

Wedding planning hasn't been going that well. But hopefully we will book our venue in the next few weeks. I will share more wedding plans in future posts.

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